Visual Merchandising Showroom

Blue Studio Showroom

View a selection of Bonaveri & Schläppi Mannequins & Bust Forms and Ec Studio Accessory Displays


To make an appointment to view our collections, please call 020 7394 2813 or email us at [email protected]

Our Address

8A, The Piper Building
Peterborough Road

the piper building in the 1960s
The Piper Building exterior

The Blue Studio Showroom is located in the Piper Building, near Parson Green Tube Station, in South West London. The Piper Building is an award-winning redevelopment of a 1950s building, formerly occupied by the North Thames Gas Board.

The building is famous for its external panels by renowned artist John Piper who was commissioned to create giant murals, illustrating a theme of ‘The Spirit Of Energy’.

The Blue Studio Showroom is a space dedicated to displaying a curated selection of mannequins, bust forms and fashion accessory displays.

Currently on display is the Tribe Mannequin Collection, seated and standing Aloof, a standing Noble Male Mannequin and a comprehensive selection of Ec Studio fashion accessory display stands.

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