Fashion Accessory Displays

A collection of fashion accessory display stands for visual merchandising and fashion retail interiors.

Blue Studio offers a complete collection of display stands for hats, shoes, handbags, eyewear, wallets and jewellery. Each collection offers a number of wood and metal finishes to complement a wide range of retail design concepts.

All of our fashion accessory display stands are manufactured by Ec Studio in Italy.

handbag display

Handbag Display

The Handbag Display is a minimal, perfectly balanced stand that is height adjustable and available in a number of metal finishes. The stand comes with a variety of different handle details that allow for a completely minimal solution or choose a wider arch in metal or plexiglass to refine your bag display. The handbag display is a …

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Shoe Display

The shoe display is a remarkably elegant solution that provides a minimal arrangement of inclined shoe support and delicate stem and base. The shoe support is available in a shaped or rectangular surface and each product is available in three varying overall heights.

belt display

Belt Display

The belt display by Ec Studio is a fashion retail stand for displaying belts in a vertical or horizontal position and comes as single or multiple stands.

eyewear display

Eyewear Display

The Ec Studio eyewear display is a minimal square section metal display in multiple finishes that can be used to display a single pair of glasses or as a double or triple tier stand for displaying 2 to 3 pieces. The central column and arms of the eyewear display can either be in full metal …

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wallet_display cover

Wallet Display

The wallet display by Ec Studio features a simple baseplate, stem and felted head with a strong securing magnet for attaching wallets. The product comes in multiple finishes and in two stem lengths with a single or double display for the taller stand.

hat_display cover

Hat Display

The Hat Display by Ec Studio comes in two fixed height stands, 25cm and 35cm and an adjustable stem length stand (from 30cm up to 60cm) in multiple metal finishes.

jewellery display

Jewellery Display

The jewellery display stand by Ec Studio is a modular stand for displaying eyewear, necklaces, watches, rings, earrings, wallets and bracelets on a magnetised base. A series of magnetised display stands can be arranged on the base in any position to display any number of rings, watches, sunglasses, bracelets and earrings. Use the jewellery display …

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box displays by ec studio

Box Displays

Box displays are a perfect way to add a luxury feel to merchandise. These sumptuous metal trays come in multiple finishes and can be used on their own or with the plexiglass lids. Lids are available in two height sizes, 10cm or 20cm and the trays are available as rectangles; 28cm x 38cm or as squares; …

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standing_display cover

Standing Display

Standing displays offer a simple flat baseplate, minimal stem and horizontal flat tray for display of merchandise at counter height. The displays come in fixed heights at 50cm, 75cm and 100cm. Each stand is available in multiple metal finishes.

sign_display cover

Sign Displays

Ec Studio manufactures a number of minimal design sign displays in metal finishes with plexiglass holders. Signs are with or without stems in A7 or A6 paper sizes. Signs can be set out flat on the display table or slightly angled using the metal fixing plates. Signs can be easily inserted by sliding the plexiglass holders …

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Totem is a display that allows accessories to be presented at various heights and positions. It’s a modular component that is both versatile and flexible. Available in all standard metal finishes and timber articulated hand, shown below.

unico white collection

Unico White

The classic Unico collection in Corian® includes handbag and shoe displays along with an elegant white tray, available with or without clear plexiglass lids. Shown below is the Unico Shoe display.

unico_wood_ash cover

Unico Wood – Ash

The Unico collection comprising hat, handbag, shoe and accessories tray in a warm ash wood finish. All items are available in two heights for great flexibility and more display pairing options. Shown below is the Unico Hat Display

unico_wood_walnut cover

Unico Wood – Walnut

The Unico collection comprising hat, handbag, shoe and accessories tray in a rich Walnut wood finish. All items are available in two heights for great flexibility and more display pairing options. Shown below is the Unico Bag Display

unico_metal cover

Unico Metal

Unico Metal offers a comprehensive collection of hat, handbag, shoe and belt display stands as well as the elegant display tray. Available in Bronze Brass, Satin Brass and Gold. Shown below is the Unico Metal Bag Display.

Ec Studio accessory displays for Versace in New York

Ec Studio

Ec Studio was created in 1994 by Enrico Caruso. They are based outside of Milan in Italy and work with retailers, fashion designers, architects and designers, creating products that are elegant, minimal and crafted with passion.

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