Female Mannequins

The full collection of Bonaveri & Schläppi female mannequins and bust forms.


Schläppi 6000 | Aloof

A female mannequin collection inspired by the stylistic poses of classic 20th Century fashion photography.


Schläppi 2800 | 3800

The male and female Schläppi 2800-3800 collection offers the same athletic poses as the 2500 / 3500 collections introducing a softer silhouette to the form.

Schlaäppi 2500 female mannequins

Schläppi 2500 | 2600

The female Schläppi 2500 collection is characterised by sharp edgy, athletic poses and a paddle hand. Alternatively, the female Schläppi 2600 offers an anatomical hand. This collection offers a number of dramatic poses that typify the Schläppi design ethos.

Schlaäppi 2200 female mannequin

Schläppi 2200

The Schläppi 2200 female mannequin collection features an enduring, elegant style that has captured the heart and soul of designers for decades. The contemporary 2200 collection is inspired by the original 1960s Schläppi design and has been carefully extended by Bonaveri to reflect its original forms. The result is a pared-down, abstracted form that captures the essence of female …

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Schläppi 2000 | 3200

The 2000 female and 3200 male collection features a classic group of poses that strongly align with the original Schläppi design DNA. The collection includes a number of standing and seated forms and a reclining female mannequin.

bonaveri fashion model mannequin collection 01

Fashion Model Collection

Fashion Model Collection is a male and female mannequin collection featuring the classic Bonaveri style and poses. The collection is available with or without heads and with an extensive range of leg and arm positions. Bases available in metal or timber and torso available in a variety of fabrics. The female collection includes seated and …

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tribe mannequins 16

Tribe Mannequins

Bonaveri’s latest male and female collection takes its inspiration from youth culture, allowing groupings of mannequins that typify a generational spirit

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