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Blue Studio Trading supplies visual merchandising products for fashion designers, retailers, museums, galleries and department stores. Our products are designed and manufactured in Italy by artists and sculptors inspired by that age-old tradition of Italian craft heritage. Their contemporary work embodies the true value of "Made in Italy" products.


Bonaveri creates some of the worlds most recognisable mannequins and bust forms. Their work is renowned the world over for its demure, classic forms. The  current catalogue of mannequins and bust forms is divided across four collections; Bonaveri, Schläppi, B By Bonaveri and Sartorial - each collection offering unique forms to suit a multitude of market requirements.

Ec Studio

Ec Studio creates finely crafted fashion accessory displays from metal, wood and stone. They are true sculptors, creating unique products that elevates merchandise to its most luxurious vantage point. Ec Studio creates shoe, handbag, wallet, hat and jewellery displays as well as a number of platforms and signs for retail messaging.

All of our products are manufactured to a high specification, suitable for use in commercial and exhibition environments. The DNA of our products ensure that the investment you make in a Bonaveri or Ec Studio product endures. Whilst fashion seasons come and go, our collections last the test of time.

Download copies of our collection catalogues from the page below.

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