Bust Forms

Bonaveri & Schläppi Bust Forms represent the highest quality of Italian design and manufacture. Bonaveri’s unique collections feature a comprehensive collection of fashion and artistic bust forms with fixed arms, articulated arms, various head styles and more.


Sartorial Women

The new Sartorial Women’s Collection from Bonaveri features a unique combination of parts that allow them to be used as bust forms or mannequins.


Sartorial Men

The Sartorial Men’s Collection is the newest bust form and mannequin collection from Bonaveri. The forms are simple and yet the options available make it a unique and diverse collection.

Bonaveri Bust Forms

Charm Bust Forms

Bonaveri’s Charm Bust Forms are a classic collection of male and female forms for fashion display. The bust forms can be covered in a variety of fabrics and can be supplied with metal, fabric or wooden neck caps. Heads are available and can be covered in a matching fabric. A number of stands are available …

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sartorial bust forms

Sartorial Collection

Sartorial Bust forms is a new collection of bust forms by Bonaveri, the Italian mannequin manufacturer. Bonaveri has been making classic bust forms since the 1950s and continues to develop and improve their collections. Recently, they announced a new family of bust forms called ‘Sartorial Bust Forms’ which features male and female bust forms that …

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classical 05

Classical Bust Forms

Classical bust forms by Bonaveri feature male and female forms with classic metal stands – either fixed or on rollers.

compuline cover

Compuline Bust Forms

Compuline Bust Forms by Bonaveri are classical male and female forms that offer a number of unique combinations. Use them with or without heads, with or without arms, either hanging or on stands. The bust forms can be adapted to include mannequin legs and also come with a choice of wooden heads and bibs. The …

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schlappi aloof bust form by bonaveri 01

Schläppi 6000 | Bust Forms

Aloof has become a significant addition to the Schläppi mannequin collection since first being introduced in 2014. Initially created as a female mannequin collection, the range has now been extended to include bust forms. The new Aloof bust form collection includes options for adding legs, fixed arms, articulated arms, fabric torso and multiple stand options. …

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Sartorial Mannequins at Bonaveri - A fan of Pucci


Bonaveri Mannequins was founded in 1950 in Italy and is a globally recognised leader in the design, innovation and manufacture of mannequins. The Bonaveri headquarters is located in Northern Italy where craftsmen and artisans come together to create enduring products.

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